Orientation (Guidelines to parent)

  1. Please make it a point to attend PTM regularly on due date to discuss the progress of your ward(s). On other working days, you may meet, at the reception, the teacher concerned by prior appointment in case of any urgent problem.
  2. Children should not be taken back during school hours.
  3. For the students of Montessori and  Primary Department, the diary should be seen daily to find out if there is any important information.
  4. Please do not send any gifts and eatables /except toffees on your ward's birthday. Party/Casual dress is not allowed on birthdays.
  5. Leave application should be sent in advance (in the student's diary only) or with the child when he/she joins school after medical leave, to avoid penalty.
  6. A child suffering from an infectious or contagious disease should join school only after the mandatory period of quarantine is over.
  7. Ensure your ward has breakfast and leaves home in time to reach school punctually. The importance of wearing the prescribed uniform, of personal hygiene and cleanliness cannot be over looked.
  8. In case of any transfer case/withdrawal of your ward from the school, the school office should be intimated one month in advance to refund the caution fee of the student. The transfer certificate will be issued only after the submission of written application.
  9. Fee should be paid regularly.
  10. Caution money should be withdrawn within 3 years of leaving the school or else the deposit will be treated as donation to the school.
  11. 75% attendance in an academic session is compulsory. If found short of attendance, the student will not be promoted to the next class.
  12. Parents are requested to come to school in proper attire and not casually dressed.
  13. Regular medical check up is undertaken by the school medical officer. Parents are requested to kindly do the follow-up (if any).
  14. Embroider the Admission No. of your ward on each item of the school uniform.
  15. No items like tiffin box, pencil box, note-books/books, swimming costumes etc. should be sent later to school. All students must develop the habit of carrying their daily requirements with them. Requests made to guard to deliver such items will not be entertained.
  16. Parents must please ensure that students do not bring mobile phones or any other electronic device to school.
  17. In case of undeclared holidays, such as Id, Muharram etc., the competition/ examination will be rescheduled and parents will be informed timely.
  18. Please check the school website regularly for notifications and updates.
  19. In case of Start/Discontinuation of School Transport, it is mandatory to fill application form.