Principal’s Message


“The ultimate purpose of education is to learn how to find and see the beauty of creation so that you may feel the joy of life.”                    

The school ethos aspires to congruous development to contour the persona of a child. Grooming a child is continuous and sublime task processed through augmentation. A child when first steps into the school, he unmasks the opportunities to emancipate a wide spectrum of learning by empowering his cognitive, inquisitive and empathic beliefs. He gradually envisages his attributes and prepares himself for the worldly achievements. In the process of preening, values need to be intact through the amalgamation of righteous emotions of benevolence, trust, compliance and social responsibility. The school plays a vital role in creating congenial environment for the betterment of children to acquire formal learning through informal ways. An unrestricted ambiance in school supports the exchange of ideas liberally endorsing unanimous thinking.

Conversational journey to find knowledge makes attaining it much more satisfying,” 

Education infuses logical thinking, practical approach safeguarding integrity of life, at the same time comprehending social values, culture and tradition. In BBPS, enormous ideas are conceived for the children and are executed effectively by the children through various clubs and events where they deliberately stand to work for social cause and uplift the perception for transformation. May it be ecofriendly regime or cleanliness drive the initiatives taken by the students are praiseworthy.  The faculty with the similar vivacity is determined for enhancing intellectual and emotional strengths. They freely come forward with their innovative ideas to explore modern trends of learning in a collaborative way. Personalized attention is bestowed upon every child respecting the individual urge and outlook towards learning. Aristotle, a great philosopher has affirmed that human beings are curious by nature. So, to accentuate a joyful learning practice for contented mind and thriving heart, scholastics is perceived innovatively through age appropriate activities that hit long term memory of a child. Feeling of togetherness is assimilated in the initial years of life that instill the feeling of oneness and living in harmony.


The school is working to create humans that are warm, compassionate and determined to bring about change in the outlook of society. The stress is laid on the activities that empower the analytical outlook in an informal way. Learning is not a spectator’s sport but involves earnest input of child to emerge with an enriched experience that would associate with him for life long. So, students are assigned tasks that enhance their inner potential to accept challenges of life in stronger way. Avant-garde progeny inclines to acquire knowledge that jitters mind and helps to connect with the environment.  Thus, to root out the orthodox ways of teaching where restricted learning is imposed in a passive environment, the school is updating the curriculum every year through variegated ideas.


It’s a matter of immense delight to share the school beliefs, through our school magazine, on which we are consistently striving hard to seize bigger objectives for life. We believe that sharing of thoughts enriches us to perform better. School is determined to meet excellence of education catering harmony of knowledge with emotions. We want to shape our pupils with an approach to replenish our social and cultural heritage, simultaneously, contributing for the upliftment of society.


It is adroit to end up with a mention of India’s former President Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam who has always been an inspiration to escalate the delight of knowledge-

When learning is purposeful,

Creativity blossoms.

When creativity blossoms,

Thinking emanates.

When thinking emanates, knowledge is fully lit.

When knowledge is lit, economy flourishes.


Ashish Sawhney